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10 Thoughts for 2019 from ESE

on January 28, 2019

January marks the start of a new year, so we thought we’d look ahead and provide “10 Thoughts for 2019” from our talented team here at ESE. We hope you find this perspective useful as you consider plans for the coming year and hope that you continue the conversation with us in the months ahead.

  1. What could employees accomplish with automation? Employees are your most valued resource. And in today’s business world good employees are tough to find! Think about the additional value your employees could bring to your business if they didn’t have to spend time on something that could be automated.
  2. Allergen control is of vital importance. Today’s food processors are working diligently to guard against cross-contamination of allergens—and responding to demand for gluten-free products. Higher standards are requiring improvements and even new CIP or Batch systems.
  3. Clean-in-Place systems are necessary and can be improved. The right CIP system maintains the quality and safety of your products by ensuring the thorough removal of residue, rinsing effectively, shortening cycle times and promoting both product and worker safety. This leads to faster production and reduced operating costs.
  4. Packaging automation is a must. Consumers are looking for more and better information on the package, less waste and more convenient packaging. This demands that those who oversee production environments may need to explore new packaging options to balance cost and meet other demands.
  5. FSMA continues to send ripples throughout the industry. Many companies and plants already comply with the regulations. But this renovation of safety rules has pushed processors to leap forward to ensure that food is safe and secure, all the way from ingredients to the finished product. Data reporting and automation capabilities can help streamline both food safety efforts and response time if something goes wrong.
  6. Are you prepared for a recall? Recall is a word that strikes fear into the hearts of anyone who works in the food and beverage industry. We are increasingly working with customers to expedite response time and increase accuracy to minimize the impact of a recall. ESE can assist with efficient record keeping and lot traceability.
  7. Reducing energy and water usage. Cutting down on resources such as electricity, water and air helps both the environment and the bottom line. However, there’s a baseline amount of resources that processors have to use. Saving water is great, but not if it means failing to comply with safety regulations. ESE can help you find the right balance.
  8. Rethink your budgeting. There is a lot of waste in business as a result of channeling resources to low-priority items. A thoughtful planning process can go a long way in stretching dollars and spending your money wisely.
  9. Develop a long-term plan for your facility. This probably includes some retrofitting of your current site. And it is always better to have a facility modernization plan that lays out when and how such updates can occur. Leveraging experts in the industry to identify obsolete platforms and legacy products is a must.
  10. Tie it all together. A facility modernization plan brings together the various pieces of your facility. Like a symphony, 1 + 1 can equal 3.
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