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ESE is a trusted name in plant automation. With more than 30 years in business, ESE has a proven performance record for quality process design and industrial controls integration.

Working together as a team of employee-owners, our process controls engineers, designers, programmers and support personnel provide the knowledge and expertise our customers need to solve problems, meet challenges and uncover opportunities for optimization and plant automation.

Leadership Team

Kevin Nowack

Kevin Nowack Director of Engineering

Kevin Nowack has been with ESE for more than two decades and brings 30+ years of industry experience to the table. He currently leads the team’s Automation solutions team and has contributed to hundreds of projects across dozens of sectors in Food & Beverage processing. An avid mountain climber, Kevin is always ready to surmount the next challenge.

Michael Richart

Michael Richart CEO & President

Michael Richart’s holistic approach to building a business puts everyone at ESE in a position to thrive. Because he places such a premium on establishing the perfect blend of people, process and technology, it’s of little surprise that Michael is such a fan of Formula 1 and IndyCar racing. He admires the combined efforts of man and machine to push the limits.

John Tertin

John Tertin Director of MIS

John Tertin is the leader of ESE’s burgeoning MIS division. He holds a degree in Computer Information Systems and spent his first years with the company as a key component of ESE’s Automation and Analytical solution teams. Fun fact – early in his career, John programed a 240 kW co-generation power plant for the city of Santa Maria, California.

Sales Team



A cornerstone of the ESE Sales team and an International Business scholar, Joanna is proficient in identifying various Automation, Analytical and Information Solution services to help ESE customers increase their profitability. Outside the office, she values a good “beach vacation” and scuba diving.



Cory has more than two decades of Automation industry experience and holds a degree in Engineering from Northern Illinois University. His time spent directly in the field makes Cory particularly astute in understanding ESE’s customers. It’s also no surprise that he names famed inventor Nikola Tesla as one of his most influential historical figures.



For more than 30 years, Bob’ unique combination of engineering, sales and marketing skills have proven ideal for Automation and Information Solutions customers. A graduate of the United States Navy Electronics Program ASEET and Chicago resident, Bob is heavily involved in the Society of Manufacturing Engineers.



Graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Craig often works with ESE customers in the Dairy, Egg, and Flavors & Ingredients industries. With 13 years of experience, Craig excels at what he does. However, work is not the only thing he excels at. He loves to water ski and has even water skied on Team USA in three Chinese tournaments in 2012!

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