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Aquaculture: A Developing Enterprise

on September 6, 2019

We no longer need the ocean to raise and harvest seafood. It’s a critical shift for the industry based on necessity: there simply are not enough aquatic creatures available for human consumption in our sea waters today.

Thanks to the developing enterprise of aquaculture – also known as farming in water – fish and other delicacies are being produced without setting up operations along an ocean coast line. There’s a push from consumers for more domestically-raised seafood, so with enhanced food safety techniques, environmentally-sound practices and the latest technology, people will better know where their seafood comes from.

A commercial seafood supplier operating a hatchery in the Midwest sought to raise the safest, cleanest and most natural product at their production facility. Their seafood growing facility where the product is bred and raised followed stringent, established requirements. It had to be clean, dark and quiet. There was also a need for the growing water to maintain an ideal salinity, temperature and quality at all times. With such extreme environmental conditions on site, monitoring was also a priority.

With extensive engineering and systems integration experience in all areas of sanitary manufacturing, ESE’s food and beverage team is steeped in understanding food safety requirements for processing food from field to fork. Our company is also certified in 3A Sanitary Standards. We were an ideal fit for this application and agreed to service this challenge for the seafood company.

To ensure high standards could be met, ESE was tasked with the process control engineering, programming, and panels. This included the panel building and hardware design; software development and design; the network design and installation with server hardware, which is redundant for backup safety measures. All automation programming, data collection, and reporting for environmental and process variables were additional responsibilities for the team.

From project conception to completion, the customer was at the core of our decision-making process. ESE looked to achieve the best possible results to the customer’s satisfaction. Following the project, ESE’s solutions are operating smoothly at this facility.

“The control side of things have worked very well,” the customer responded. “Very happy with the system.

“It has been great working with you and the ESE team. I look forward to bigger and better things next year.”

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