Aquaculture: A Developing Enterprise

on September 6, 2019

We no longer need the ocean to raise and harvest seafood. It’s a critical shift for the industry based on necessity: there simply are not enough aquatic creatures available for human consumption in our sea waters today.

Thanks to the developing enterprise of aquaculture – also known as farming in water – fish and other delicacies are being produced without setting up operations along an ocean coast line. There’s a push from consumers for more domestically-raised seafood, so with enhanced food safety techniques, environmentally-sound practices and the latest technology, people will better know where their seafood comes from.

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eseincAquaculture: A Developing Enterprise

A Successful Webinar on Facility Modernization

on July 17, 2019

Are you worried about the future of your facility? Do you have an aging facility with hardware that may be failing? On July 16, 2019 Keith Fraleigh, John Tertin, John Luther and Josh Gerstner presented a webinar that addresses these issues by discussing legacy hardware and the facility modernization process.

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eseincA Successful Webinar on Facility Modernization

Breweries, Wineries, Distilleries, Oh, My!

on July 11, 2019

ESE has forged partnerships with many manufacturers in craft brewing, microbrewing, regional operations and national beer production houses over the years, and we celebrate our new and long-time customer relationships that continue to thrive.

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eseincBreweries, Wineries, Distilleries, Oh, My!

Using Automation to Build Institutional Knowledge into Food Processing Lines

on March 11, 2019

ProcessExpo recently sat down with and interviewed John Tertin, ESE’s Director of Sales and Marketing. Below is a sample of the article:

As food manufacturers struggle with the loss of seasoned workers and the lack of young people entering the industry, they’re looking to automation technology to fill in the gaps.

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eseincUsing Automation to Build Institutional Knowledge into Food Processing Lines

Is Automation an Opportunity?

on March 1, 2019

Does your local Walmart or grocery store utilize self-checkouts? Do you remember when they were first introduced? Was it a big deal?

For many the introduction of any new technology is a big deal. A friend of ESE commented that when he visited his parents in rural Wisconsin that the recent introduction of self-checkouts at their local Walmart was the talk of the town. Many were upset about it due to the lack of personal touch, the longer lines (as some people refused to use the self-checkout registers), and the worry that automation was taking jobs away from people who needed them.

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eseincIs Automation an Opportunity?

ESE Highlights Work in New Video

on February 21, 2019
  • How can I monitor food quality and safety on site?
  • Should I consider upgrading my batch processes?
  • We put our reputation on the line every day. How can I integrate a Clean-in-Place system into our operations to make sure our product is safe?
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eseincESE Highlights Work in New Video

10 Thoughts for 2019 from ESE

on January 28, 2019

January marks the start of a new year, so we thought we’d look ahead and provide “10 Thoughts for 2019” from our talented team here at ESE. We hope you find this perspective useful as you consider plans for the coming year and hope that you continue the conversation with us in the months ahead.

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eseinc10 Thoughts for 2019 from ESE

ESE Instrumental in Showcase Project at Milwaukee Brewing Company

on September 4, 2018

The 9th Street Brewery and Taproom of Milwaukee Brewing Company is situated in a high-profile development area of downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We sat down with John Tertin, director of sales & marketing, and Mike Dvorachek, project manager, to hear about ESE’s crucial role for this state-of-the-art brewery and a craft brewing solution “first” for the food and beverage integrator.

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eseincESE Instrumental in Showcase Project at Milwaukee Brewing Company

Erik Winer & John Tertin in Plant Services

on June 13, 2018

ESE’s Facility Modernization Consultant, Erik Winer, and Director of Sales and Marketing, John Tertin, were recently featured in a Plant Services article. They  spoke with Plant Services chief editor Thomas Wilk about how to facilitate important group discussions on plant automation.

Automation projects: Getting buy-in through greater visibility

In this installment of Automation Zone, IT has questions. Maintenance has questions. Do you have answers (and the data to back them up)?

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eseincErik Winer & John Tertin in Plant Services