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Breweries, Wineries, Distilleries, Oh, My!

on July 11, 2019

ESE has forged partnerships with many manufacturers in craft brewing, microbrewing, regional operations and national beer production houses over the years, and we celebrate our new and long-time customer relationships that continue to thrive.

In the past decade, we’ve witnessed a growth explosion in the craft beer industry. According to the Brewers Association, craft beer sales were up 5% last year with brewpubs and microbreweries driving the increase. One-thousand more breweries are expected to open in the U.S. this year.

And with that success, winery and distillery operations are now following closely on the heels of craft beer as growth beverages:

  • Total wine sales for 2018 set a record, with higher and premium wine sales showing the most progress as noted by the State of the Wine Industry Report.
  • Nielsen Research shows sales of canned spirits such as tequila, brandy and whiskey are growing up to 200% a year.
  • According to the American Distilling Institute (ADI), in 2005, there were only 50 craft distillers. By 2013, the number reached more than 600.

In the three decades that ESE has been in business, we’ve gained a lot of industry experience, working with end users and integrators on countless opportunities.

We strive to deliver the most innovative solutions that can be integrated into a beverage production facility. For some customers, the best option might be our configurable CIP system, which allows them to pursue a single automation solution by bringing together optimization and system design. With this choice, manufacturers gain full control over adjusting and monitoring their CIP systems. It’s a solution that makes production environments safer and more profitable.

And others like working with us because we can help plan for and reach the next level. With the facility modernization process, we review a plant’s current operations and processes with the guidance of an ESE consultant familiar with the industry. We’ll help you see the big picture, determine achievable goals and move forward with a “road map” to the future.

We’ve teamed up with numerous brewing companies on projects to improve their operations. One craft brewer experiencing tremendous growth and looking to increase their production capacity and exposure in the marketplace, asked us to implement automation process controls to build them up into a regional enterprise. Our expertise and support helped them make the ascent.

ESE provides best-in-class support. We are there for our customers to provide counsel, troubleshoot issues or prepare for what’s around the corner.  Give us a call if you’re interested in finding out more!

eseincBreweries, Wineries, Distilleries, Oh, My!