Automation solution saves money and boosts profits


A global manufacturer of food ingredients and flavor technology increasingly faced issues with their manual production system. Mistakes occurring on the line were leading to inconsistencies in the final product and extending Clean-In-Place (CIP) times. ESE had been a frequent partner of this food service leader in the past, so it was natural for the client to again turn to ESE for consultation.


ESE’s team discovered the client’s manual way of operations was outdated. Following a review, ESE offered to automate production routing, which would reduce the potential for human error and ensure the proper product delivery. An automated solution would cut the amount of time spent in the CIP process and would establish the building blocks for ESE’s full recipe management and automation routing, which could be implemented plant-wide in the future.


ESE implemented CIP programming, saving the client money in the short-term while reducing CIP time. The product routing reduces the chance of operator error, rework or lost product. It also ensures less downtime on the production line. The solution has increased production line output and improved safety standards. The client is saving money and seeing an increase in profits.

eseincCase Study – Automation solution saves money and boosts profits