Beverage manufacturer makes significant cut in sample testing time

New York


A New York beverage company with more than 200 products to test was constantly running its equipment around the clock to get the job done. Typical tests took at least an hour for all product constituents.

With lengthy testing and limited lab capacity, the laboratory became the bottleneck, preventing the facility from expanding its production capacity. Current conditions also interfered with the addition of a batching system, which was critical to operations.


ESE’s batch process engineers recognized the limitations of the lab equipment, and recommended the state-of-the-art Q5L laboratory analyzer. This would cut testing time from the standard 60-90 minutes to as little as five seconds, and allow the beverage manufacturer to replace the bulk of the lab equipment with a single, multi-constituent testing instrument.


By grouping 55 specialty products into seven categories, ESE was able to help the customer minimize the number of calibration sets so the facility could start testing products sooner. What used to take close to 60 calibration models could now be accomplished with less than 10!

Along with greatly reducing the complexity of sample testing, ESE’s batch process engineering expertise provided major time savings in the lab. The Q5L analyzer cut hour-long testing times to mere seconds, and enabled the beverage manufacturer to further expansion plans without needing to add costly lab resources.

eseincCase Study – Beverage manufacturer makes significant cut in sample testing time