Cheese maker installs HCV’s and a “paperless” reporting solution




One of the top cheese makers in the U.S. purchased new Horizontal Cheese Vats (HCV’s) for two of their production facilities. The upgrade required an experienced integrator to incorporate the HCV’s into the plant infrastructure. They called upon ESE for a solution.


ESE’s engineers provided electrical design with UL approved Human Machine Interface (HMI) panels for operator interface, and the design and management of a Motor Control Center (MCC). They also programmed and commissioned ten HCV’s and implemented a “Paperless” reporting solution, using a local Historian server to collect analog and digital process parameters. Batch and other event-based information are stored in a Microsoft SQL database through FactoryTalk Transaction Manager and can be visualized in trend, Excel report and SQL Server Reporting formats.


ESE was able to successfully program and complete the electrical design for the HCV’s. ESE was also able to help the customer save time across many functions and reduce data errors with their “Paperless” reporting solution. This data is now more available for audit reports, saving manual labor and increasing traceability.

eseincCase Study – Cheese maker installs HCV’s and a “paperless” reporting solution