Craft brewing is anything, but standard

United States


The flexibility to innovate new products and expose consumers to new flavors and trends is what makes craft brewing unique. However, a brewmaster also needs to maintain the product consistency of his mainstay products.  A craft brewery asked ESE to provide a control solution to accommodate these opposing requirements. The solution also needed to be flexible enough to support various brew house and cellar configurations that were standardized on a common hardware and software solution.


ESE enhanced a batch engine to achieve a more dynamic batch system capability. This provides the brewmaster full control of the system, whether in manual, semi-automatic, or automatic modes, and allows him to tailor the system to his vocabulary with customizable messages and recipe names.

The solution incorporates enhanced equipment phases to achieve critical process elements, such as strike temperature, knock out temperatures and lautering rake control. The brewmaster has full capability to override the automated process control to overcome batch specific issues on the fly and can schedule a day’s production via an HMI. The batch reporting option allows the brewmaster to view historical data based on recipe batch number. Our configurable CIP solution allows the brewmaster to have full control of the functionality of each wash program.


The ESE solution delivered the flexibility needed to allow the brewmaster to practice his craft. He can effectively produce large volumes of mainstay beers and maintain the product consistency and quality consumers require. The solution also allows the brewmaster to plan his day utilizing the production scheduler and then review his achievements via the reporting system.

eseincCase Study – Craft brewing is anything, but standard