Egg breaking facility incorporates new pasteurizer

United States



An egg facility needed a new pasteurizer to accommodate vast product viscosity range, changing flow rates, multiple temperatures, and varying hold times. The pasteurization system needed to maintain state of the art performance, ease of operator use, and comply with all regulatory requirements. The facility turned to ESE.


ESE and the customer assembled a strong project team. The team provided a recipe-based solution that automatically set the parameters of the pasteurizer based on the product being run. ESE included our start-up on water, water to product transfer, and product to water transfer capabilities. This allowed the system to automatically transition between modes with minimal interaction. Upon completing the production run(s), ESE provided an automated CIP program for cleaning and sanitizing the pasteurizer.

The operator may select the desired recipe and ready the pasteurizer for operation by pushing the start-up on water button. The operator then selects the product source and destination, and presses the product mode button. The pasteurizer automatically and seamlessly transitions from water to production. The system also included peroxide injection into the product, verification of the product total solids with an in-line refractometer, and allowed the onsite inspector to change the state of the pasteurizer.


Production capability at the facility greatly increased thanks to the seamless transition capability of the pasteurization system between the widely different products. In fact, the operators have implemented the automatic operation of the system for all production shifts. The automated CIP functionality has provided consistency in the cleaning of the pasteurizer and as minimized product contamination risk.

eseincCase Study – Egg breaking facility incorporates new pasteurizer