Egg product temperature control

United States



The egg industry is highly regulated. In fact, a United States Department of Agriculture inspector must be on premises whenever eggs are in production.

Since eggs are subject to bacteria and spoil easily, a major area of concern for egg processors is product cooling. ESE was approached to develop a way for producers to continuously record and verify the temperature of all product streams to ensure temperatures were always within safe limits.


The ESE team proposed a pair of reporting tools designed to allow for real-time monitoring throughout production.

Product Temperatures – continuous recording of product temperatures in production.  This charts the actual product temperature in the production environment before it is delivered to a refrigerated silo or other vessel.

Refrigeration Report – a comprehensive one-page report on the facility’s cooling systems, including an ice builder, ammonia system pressures, and glycol temperatures.


ESE continues to develop solutions that provide customers the most detailed information available, mining data that leads to higher quality production and product safety. ESE also partners with customers to mitigate risk, and meet and exceed government standards.

eseincCase Study – Egg product temperature control