ESE delivers for major U.S. salad dressing manufacturer



The third-largest U.S. manufacturer of salad dressing maintains a strong relationship with ESE, and uses all of our Q5 Analyzers in their facilities. At one time when a damaged fiber optic cable was causing the in-line unit to produce inaccurate results, the company used their Q5L to cover for the inline system.  It wasn’t a perfect fix, but allowed for continuous production. In the meantime, the customer called ESE to say they were losing money every minute the system was down.


In less than four hours, an ESE technician was on a plane with the required parts and was able to fix the problem within 30 minutes. However, at the request of the customer, the technician stayed an extra hour and a half to assess the health of the other Q5 systems and provide advice on calibration. The entire repair was completed within twelve hours of the first phone call.


The customer’s in-line system is working without any issues and continues to improve plant efficiency. The manufacturer has peace of mind that ESE is able to diagnose, plan, and leap into action within hours of any issue. The customer is confident that ESE understands how critical their equipment is to their bottom line.

eseincCase Study – ESE delivers for major U.S. salad dressing manufacturer