ESE helps fruit company track lot numbers using ERP system


Dry Fruit


A California-based dried fruit company was looking to automate receiving and also wanted the fruit lot numbers incorporated into their corporate ERP system. This option needed to post lot numbers to the ERP system as fruit was received, and also post lot numbers of used fruit. ESE had the answer.


ESE’s team proposed a system that would allow data entry for received fruit products, lot tracking, and the usage of these products from the production floor to enter a Microsoft SQL database. This database provided connectivity to the customer’s ERP system and delivered business reporting on ingredient inventory, work in process, and finished goods inventory. Office staff were able to enter data into the system via their existing computers and manage grower names and numbers, track bin ownership, and track fruit storage locations.


Fruit is now entered into the ERP system’s inventory when it is received and removed from the inventory when it is used. This saves labor and an enormous amount of paperwork, and verifies that all of the fruit paid for was actually received.

eseincCase Study – ESE helps fruit company track lot numbers using ERP system