ESE implements recipe configuration and production scheduling system



A Midwestern convenience store that batches all of their own soups, approached ESE about implementing a recipe configuration and production scheduling system. They wanted to maximize the flexibility and efficiency of their operations for their two 500- gallon kettles and allow for on-the-fly production schedule changes.


ESE’s team deployed a windows-based recipe configuration system that included production scheduling capabilities for both soup kettles that are in operation at the facility. Schedules can now be changed at any time and immediately take effect when the next batch is started. The schedules are set independently, so the operator needs only to press the start button.


Recipe configuration and maintenance is now a quick, intuitive process. Production schedules are established quickly and without any paperwork needing to be transferred to the production floor. Unexpected changes are easily addressed since the production schedule can be changed at any time. ESE provided this “lite” MES application at a lower price than a full MES system and the customer informed us that the system was “bulletproof.”

eseincCase Study – ESE implements recipe configuration and production scheduling system