ESE solution allows manufacturer to be more efficient; produce at greater volume




A manufacturer of dairy concentrates and flavor ingredients needed a number of upgrades. They had an outdated PLC system that was no longer supported by Rockwell Automation and had purchased a new liquefier that needed to be integrated into the system. They also wanted to update their CIP system to be more efficient; with the option to run without an employee being on site. That’s when they turned to ESE.


ESE developed a turn-key solution that solved all of the client’s needs. The PLC program was converted to the current standard version and ESE replaced many of the valves at the plant with flow plates, swings, and proximity sensors. The CIP system was revamped and altered to be more efficient and meet the customer requirements. ESE upgraded the HMI and updated the reporting for the recipe batching and CIP systems. The recipe batching configuration is now much more detailed and precise.


The manufacturer’s best-selling product is now being produced at a much larger volume. Due to the new liquefier and ESE’s process controls, incubation time shrunk from 18 hours to seven hours. They have cut time out of production with a more efficient CIP system and save money by running the system without direct employee supervision. The manufacturer also has greater flexibility due to the flow plates and swings. They can configure the flow to where they want and the proximity sensors (which were paired with alarms) allow them to find, troubleshoot and prevent issues.

eseincCase Study – ESE solution allows manufacturer to be more efficient; produce at greater volume