ESE solution conforms to strict safety guidelines for worker protection



Food and beverage industry mergers and acquisitions can bring changes in company leadership, employee numbers and production floor operations. When a ready-to-drink beverage manufacturer added to its line a supplement popular with body builders and athletes, factory consolidation was only one issue. The company needed a new blender – and meet corporate safety guidelines for protection of equipment operators – to mix the bulk dry ingredients for this product.


ESE knew the solution called for more than the traditional safe controls integration methodology. With their knowledge of Rockwell safety products and extensive integration experience, ESE’s solution included electrical design, panel build, programming, and commissioning for the blender to meet corporate safety specifications. The solution included a Compact GuardLogix® safety PLC with safety series digital input/output modules, and GuardMaster® stop motion safety relays. Everything met UL certifications.


The client’s blender meets safety specs as required, protecting operators on the job. It allows for efficient and open access, which is required to run the system and clean it for daily production needs. In addition, the safety devices and programming features provide interlock status feedback for ease in trouble-shooting if safety features fail. The Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is expected to improve even with additional safety and guard features in place.

eseincCase Study – ESE solution conforms to strict safety guidelines for worker protection