ESE solution improves production for top barbecue sauce manufacturer



A fast-growing U.S. manufacturer of barbecue sauce was experiencing too much downtime on their production line. This company produces barbecue sauce in batches, so before a batch is released, it is held along with the constituents (acid, salt, moisture, and pH) and tested for quality. The problem was some of these batches were on hold more than 30 minutes while waiting for lab results. If the lab was backed up, the wait was even longer. The company wanted to reduce the test time of the batches in order to increase production, and ESE offered a solution.


The customer looked at several options, including in-line analysis and at-line analysis. They initially planned on using six Q5I devices, which would have provided in-line analysis for each of the six batch tanks. However, ESE recommended that a single Q5-A at-line unit on top of the batch deck would be the best choice. It would significantly improve the time for operators to receive the information they needed and provided an even greater ROI. The Q5A is a single at-line device capable of being in a wash down environment and could provide test results on the four constituents of interest within five seconds.


With the recommended change, batch release time for the customer was significantly improved. The solution provided more production throughput without adding personnel, production equipment or real estate. ESE was able to deliver the best option that resulted in a single innovative device to increase production throughput by 20%.

eseincCase Study – ESE solution improves production for top barbecue sauce manufacturer