Greater yields and improved safety result from ESE solution




An egg process facility was using an egg white spray dryer that had some safety concerns. They approached ESE after an incident caused their operations to be down an entire day. They wanted to resolve the safety concerns and establish a documented system. They also wanted to upgrade their manual system so that their moistures and output were more consistent. Since each operator manually ran the dryer differently, there were inconsistencies with the product.


ESE provided safeties throughout the facility and a program that would help protect personnel and equipment. The system was upgraded to a PLC-based, documented system which allowed the operator to adjust moistures and move more quickly. ESE also delivered a functional description of the system so that its design would be clear to management and maintenance personnel.


These solutions not only protected personnel and equipment, but also greatly reduced downtime and resulted in a better product for the facility. Due to ESE’s solution and each operator being trained the same way on the new system their product is now more consistent, meets moisture targets and has overall better yields.

eseincCase Study – Greater yields and improved safety result from ESE solution