Innovation helps cheese producer increase profits, improve quality

United States



A major cheese manufacturer – recognized worldwide and by the more than three-quarters of the U.S. population consuming their product each year – sought an innovative solution to ensure quality. ESE was a past partner, installing several in-line product analyzer units for the company’s U.S. operations, and two Q5I Analyzer Units for the cheese line in one of their plants. In addition, the manufacturer wanted bi-directional control of moisture, fat, salt and pH levels following the mixer process. The client also requested remote capability to monitor cheese operations by mobile control with a tablet, rather than a desktop application.


ESE’s process control background laid the foundation for the solution, based on the team’s knowledge of building systems to connect directly into the control system. With Process Optimizer software available, ESE added the functionality of bi-directional communications, a unique capability offered by ESE. Special monitors were set up to display large Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) so anyone near the production line could monitor performance. In addition, software was developed into a true client/server configuration so operators or lab personnel couldn’t accidentally close the application.


The unit performance, production quality and yields all met expectations. ESE even developed a device made specifically for equipment to handle network activity running into traffic and delays. How successful has it been? One plant manager said, “Imagine the best return you could think of. Then realize that it’s only a drop in the bucket to what we’re actually earning.”

eseincCase Study – Innovation helps cheese producer increase profits, improve quality