Major U.S. cheesemaker improves efficiency and accuracy




The second largest cheese maker in the U.S. wanted to improve the efficiency of their operations and the accuracy of their make sheets throughout a Midwestern facility. The customer’s make sheets for vat, de-wheying, cooking, packaging and lab areas had long been handwritten, often a slow and sometimes inaccurate process. It was time for a conversion to digital information and ESE was there to help.


ESE’s engineers were able to digitize and optimize the customer’s make sheets so that the process parameters were available for collection automatically unlike the previous practice of handwritten data. Multiple database systems were put in place and the existing SCADA system was altered to provide an interface for operators to easily enter production data that wasn’t automatically populated.


80% of the data recorded is now populated automatically rather than written down with the remainder captured by manual inputs, making it truly paperless. This results in much more accurate records and an easier process for the operator. An additional benefit is the ability to expedite product recalls. The new digitized system instantly identifies product batches with suspect ingredient lot numbers, rather than operators having to manually review paper make sheets. Production information can also be automatically transmitted to the corporate ERP system without additional manual labor.

eseincCase Study – Major U.S. cheesemaker improves efficiency and accuracy