Q5I replaces outdated equipment and uncovers hidden process issues

United States



A cheese plant was looking for an alternative to aging equipment that it used to standardize fat and protein in cheese milk. Already realizing the great benefits of product standardization with tight process set points, the plant simply wanted a more reliable answer to sample testing and turned to ESE for help.


ESE’s team used their plant system engineering experience to review the facility’s entire system of process controls. Our technical experts determined that a Q5I in-line analyzer would be the best replacement option and required minimal modification to the existing control system.


The plant has improved its milk production standardization, enjoys higher yields and incorporated similar installations within the organization, thanks to the successful transition to ESE’s Q5I in-line analyzer.

The Q5I eliminated housekeeping and maintenance upkeep related to the aging equipment it replaced. Also, its superior repeatability uncovered issues with the plant’s physical production equipment and control system that had gone undetected for years.

ESE’s team of plant system engineers helped diagnose and correct these issues, which enabled the client to increase its plant efficiency even more!

eseincCase Study – Q5I replaces outdated equipment and uncovers hidden process issues