Ventura Foods increases productivity and manufacturing flexibility



Ventura Foods, a lead manufacturer of sauces and dressings in the food industry worldwide, faced the reality of producing a product in a traditional manufacturing facility that had multiple lines producing different products at various times. They also had to factor in the logistics of scheduling, raw material handling, human labor, and the continuous operation of cleaning and prepping for the next cycle to begin. This was happening multiple times every day at 12 plants across the country. Ventura Foods called upon ESE after making the decision to consolidate three facilities and introduce process control automation.


After working with Ventura Foods’ engineering group to determine their needs, ESE’s engineers decided that the Batch Optimizer would be the best solution. This is a recipe-based batch process engineering system that has storage capability at the processor, HMI terminal or SQL database. ESE was also able to create unique batch reporting to document the recipe batch parameters in conjunction with the actual batch parameters. Project management was also key to this project. It was necessary for ESE to plan and develop the entire system framework around projected specifications of future equipment and logistics, as well as coordinate the movement of existing production lines to minimize downtime.


ESE’s configured batching controls helped Ventura Foods make variances and inconsistencies a thing of the past, which was a key to their product quality and profitability. In addition to product quality improvements, and enhanced customer satisfaction, Ventura Foods identified the greatest financial benefit of this project: gaining a more predictable inventory control system. Ventura Foods Vice President of Engineering Hue Than believes the results of the project reflected a true team effort.

“Would I work with the ESE team again?” says Than. “Yes. You bet I would.”

eseincCase Study – Ventura Foods increases productivity and manufacturing flexibility