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Celebrating Dairy Month in June

on June 6, 2019

When June rolls around on the calendar each year, we naturally turn our thoughts to National Dairy Month.

The annual celebration of everything dairy is a long-standing tradition that was launched in 1937 as “National Milk Month”, in order to encourage more people in the U.S. to drink milk. Here we are, some 80 years later, and still enjoying so much of what the dairy industry produces in ways both old and new.

While cows have long been and still are a popular source of milk, goats’ milk is gaining approval and increasing demand from consumers as a healthy source of dairy. Butter, yogurt, cheese and ice cream are all benefiting from innovation in the dairy industry, as brands look to the influence of global trends, more premium ingredients and indulgent flavors to pacify Americans and their taste buds.

The dairy industry is a major part of our service and solution offerings. We enjoy helping our customers break new ground, from the initial stages of receiving raw ingredients into their plants to sending products out for final packaging. In today’s world, more dairy manufacturers are responding to consumer requests for all-natural foods (those without artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, preservatives and ingredients). We’re glad to help them adapt their dairy manufacturing facilities to meet demands. Through process and technical proficiency in automation solutions, a dairy plant’s production rates, output quality, waste reduction and product consistency can be greatly improved.

The dairy processing industry has evolved over the past few decades with automation and the integration of technology, and that allows them to better serve a customer’s wants and needs. With precision and efficiency, ESE is pleased to collaborate with dairy manufacturers to meet their automation challenges now, and in the years ahead.

So, raise a glass as we say cheers to National Dairy Month!

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eseincCelebrating Dairy Month in June