Making Production Environments Safer and More Profitable

ESE’s configurable CIP system allows for customization and is easy to integrate into your system. Some of the many benefits include helping with compliance, reducing chemical usage and offering real-time alerts.

Details of the system:

  • Uses a Rockwell based infrastructure and leverages FactoryTalk View SE, which has a number of benefits ranging from ease of integration at customer facilities to expandable reporting systems
  • Utilizes a self-contained computer which runs the operator interface and houses the reporting system. Our system saves money by avoiding the need for a costly server infrastructure.
  • The hardware is comprised of two enclosures – one high-voltage enclosure and one control enclosure which is “Finger Safe.” The design has also taken into consideration Arch Flash requirements.
  • Can be accessed remotely if connected to the internet. An Ethernet infrastructure allows for easy connection for remote support or troubleshooting.
  • Has a number of different standard configurations which are designed to meet a wide range of applications and end-user needs. Some selection options include:
    • Instrument sizing and different manufacturers
    • Basic, Standard, and Enhanced packages allow for varying levels of instrumentation and automation capabilities
    • Variable pump sizing options available.
  • Leverages a common software engine to drive all the different configurations, which allows for greater serviceability between installs.
  • The software has features which allow an end user to leverage standard recipes or the ability to create a unique system operations.

Below are a number of HMI screenshots that help give a better understanding of our system:

Configurable CIP Webinar

eseincConfigurable CIP