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Continuous Improvement is a Mindset

on August 21, 2018

ESE was recently recertified by the Control System Integrators Association as a certified System Integrator. While ESE prides itself in accomplishing this and the many other certifications we hold, continuous improvement is more than just certifications – it is a mindset.

The American Society for Quality defines continuous improvement as, “the ongoing improvement of products, services, or processes through incremental and breakthrough improvements.” The key word is “ongoing.” Continuous improvement is part of the culture and should be an everyday occurrence.

At ESE, a focus on collaboration, sharing and teamwork leads to a successful culture that brings forth new ideas and provides momentum. We have ongoing training, attend conferences and most importantly communicate what we learn with our team members. This can then be shared with our customers, who are also pursuing continuous improvement.

Let’s say you own a craft brewery. You may be pondering questions such as:

  • How can I get more volume capacity?
  • How can I continue to make my fantastic beers, but at a lower cost?
  • How can I ensure that my beer stays fresh longer?

Internally, this craft brewery would need to look at how they plan to improve their product, plant, etc. They’d have to adopt a mindset of continuous improvement and probably utilize a tool such as the Project Management Institute or Six Sigma.

They also should look to partners, such as ESE, who strive for continuous improvement. ESE would be able to help them solve some of their problems through our automation, CIP solutions, tracking capabilities and more. But we’d also walk them through how these solutions will lead to future improvement and allow them to continually improve their operations.

Continuous improvement is key to any business, but especially for any company operating in the food and beverage industry.

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