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ESE becomes a SolarWinds Authorized Partner

on February 16, 2017

ESE recently became an official SolarWinds Authorized Partner. SolarWinds is a company that offers a suite of products that continuously monitors Ethernet Networks and data centers. It can monitor for network outages, bottlenecks, issues with individual network nodes (a PLC, drive, or PC). It can even monitor server resources like memory, processor utilization, and hard drive space.

Ethernet networks can be complicated. There is enough to keep up with in the automation world without learning the intricacies of layer-3 switching and routing, Quality of Service rules, VLANs, network segmentation, demilitarized zones, and firewalls. However, networks leveraging these technologies are becoming more prevalent (and necessary) in production environments. And the health of these networks is critically important to reliable operations.

ESE’s partnership with SolarWinds gives our customers a simple and powerful tool that will empower them to monitor the performance and operation of their complex networks.

To learn more about SolarWinds you can visit their website or contact us for additional questions.

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eseincESE becomes a SolarWinds Authorized Partner