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ESE Instrumental in Showcase Project at Milwaukee Brewing Company

on September 4, 2018

The 9th Street Brewery and Taproom of Milwaukee Brewing Company is situated in a high-profile development area of downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We sat down with John Tertin, director of sales & marketing, and Mike Dvorachek, project manager, to hear about ESE’s crucial role for this state-of-the-art brewery and a craft brewing solution “first” for the food and beverage integrator.

This revitalization of the old Pabst Brewing building to house the new Milwaukee Brewing Company has been underway for some time now. What’s the latest on the project?

John: ESE has a long-time partnership with Milwaukee Brewing Company and worked with them in the 1990s on their original operation in Milwaukee’s Walker’s Point neighborhood.  We are pleased to be back for this new development, which started in the late spring this year. Our team has been on site especially in these final weeks to get the network communicating and help achieve the much-anticipated soft opening ahead of Labor Day. The official grand opening is in mid-September.

What kind of services and solutions is ESE providing to the project?

John: We’re covering all of the electrical design of the control system, fabrication, all of the panels and programming for their SCADA operations, control, data collection, reporting and PLC’s. Our team of electrical designers, project managers, process control engineers and MIS engineers are fully immersed in this job.

Mike: Our work fits the normal start-up, especially in the final weeks. We get the computers installed and running, and network communications with the systems and ethernet working. Once the electricians wire the automation for the instrumentation and controls, we’ll ensure that the connections to the devices that measure temperature, pressure, flow and process are all in order.

Is there anything new or innovative surrounding automation for this new brewery?

John: We strive to deliver the most innovative solutions for our customers. Our team met with Jim McCabe from Milwaukee Brewing for a series of design meetings to determine what would work best: ESE’s Configurable Brewery solution or Rockwell Automation’s Factory Talk Craft Brew® platform. While the Craft Brew® solution was new for us, and not typically a concept executed by SI’s, in the end we all agreed it was a better fit and would provide Jim and his team what they were looking for: a flexible, intuitive system. With that, ESE became the first third-party system integrator firm to deploy Rockwell’s Craft Brew® solution.

How is this project different from anything ESE has provided to startup breweries in the past?

John: We’ve worked brewery projects all over the U.S., from Tennessee to Georgia to Colorado. Milwaukee Brewing Company is a new brewery in a high-profile area with maximum visibility for ESE’s automation offerings.

Mike: This is a great example of Wisconsin-based companies coming together to build a major brewery in downtown Milwaukee. The 9th Street Brewery and Taproom is situated inside an incredible building. It’s so expansive and spread out.

How does what you offer differentiate ESE in the brewing automation marketplace?

John: I’d say it’s our design, which is meant to be flexible, but not at the expense of being complicated. There’s a lot of functionality involved so that a brewer can make different recipes. The operator can select Amber Ale and hit “start”. It’s simple, but robust in its functionality.

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eseincESE Instrumental in Showcase Project at Milwaukee Brewing Company