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Mike Dvorachek Retires from ESE

on October 1, 2018

The ESE team would like to thank Mike Dvorachek for his service at ESE for the past three years. Congratulations on your retirement!

Mike graduated from UW-Milwaukee with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. He then received his Master of Science from the Milwaukee School of Engineering and his Master of Business Administration from UW-Oshkosh.

Mike has almost 40 years of experience in the automation industry and will be missed on the Project Management team at ESE.  One of his favorite things about working at ESE is that it has been one of the best team environments he’s experienced.

We asked Mike a few more fun questions:

  • Favorite television show? Any type of investigation/detective type show
  • Favorite vacation spot? Northern Wisconsin and the Michigan Upper Peninsula
  • Favorite hobby? Loves to garden, but really anything that gets him outdoors
  • What celebrity / historical figure would you most like to meet? Morgan Freeman or Charles Duvall
  • If you could have any super power what would it be? Super wisdom like Solomon

Mike plans to use his retirement to spend a lot more time in his garden and outside. He also plans to do a fair amount of volunteering, especially at his church. He’s most excited, though, to travel more and has already begun to make some travel plans. That’s why ESE provided Mike a rolling luggage case as a retirement gift.

Thank you Mike for all your hard work!

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