Accurate Analysis Means Greater Production

Food & beverage manufacturers across North America rely on ESE’s Q5 series of in-line, at-line and laboratory analyzers to ensure they are meeting tight customer specification requirements. Easy to install and combining user-friendly functionality with superior performance, ESE Q5 analyzers deliver rapid, multi-constituent analysis and outstanding repeatability.

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  • Precision

    Accurate results measuring solids, liquids, slurries and powders

  • Speed

    Results in as little as 5 seconds; measuring as many as 10 constituents per sample

  • ROI

    Less downtime means greater productivity; greater productivity means increased profitability

  • Repeatability

    ESE analyzers use near infrared technologies to ensure sample integrity and control at every step in the process

  • Automation

    Fully configurable overall system that can feed to a single data source from multiple production lines and manufacturing plants

Process Control Analyzers

ESE in-line and at-line analyzers are specifically built for manufacturers looking to decrease product loss, reduce downtime, increase yield efficiency, maximize capacity and improve product quality. The best choice for real time analysis and feedback, the Q5I and the Q5A deliver quick returns on investment.

With fast and accurate testing, they provide the intelligent results needed to maintain tighter set points, save raw materials and prevent off-spec product and costly rework. Each Q5 flowcell is designed for easy CIP cleaning and is 3A certified.


With the Q5I, quality control parameters are optimized, standardized and documented. Measurement results can be incorporated into existing ERP systems and meet existing documentation requirements.



Designed for use in a production environment, the Q5A was built to withstand extreme conditions. This robust, waterproof Q5A bench analyzer is mounted in a NEMA 4X enclosure and includes an integrated industrial-grade computer with touch screen.


Laboratory Product Analyzer


Quality Control, engineers and plant managers turn to ESE’s Q5L for product analyzers designed exclusively for lab and controlled environments. The Q5L is a fast, superior solution for multi-constituent analysis including fat, protein, total solids, moisture, BRIX, salt, pH and more. Its unique five-position sample holder allows the user to test liquids, solids, powders and slurries on the same machine. Easy to set-up, use and maintain (no additional sample prep or clean-up required), the Q5L has a small footprint saving much needed lab space.


Process Optimizer Software

Coupled with any ESE Q5 series analyzer, our sophisticated Process Optimizer software allows food & beverage manufacturers to achieve real-time feedback on as many as 10 constituents. Samples are tested and compared to calibration models built directly within the same application. Results are viewable in the laboratory, at a work station and/or human machine interface (HMI) portals, making it easier for operators to catch and correct out of spec product.

Sporting a user-friendly interface, ESE Process Optimizer software is accurate, flexible and offers feature-rich functionality:

  • Unlimited product and constituent testing capacity
  • Built-in calibration modeling software
  • Built-in charts and reporting for ease in analysis
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  • Greater reporting flexibility and connectivity
  • Bidirectional in-line communications
  • Easy constituent and model import/export
  • Multi-unit touch screen and wireless capabilities
  • Configurable back-up functionality

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