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Having immediately accessible and accurate information is critical. It can prove essential in improving quality, controlling costs, increasing productivity, improving safety, and ultimately, achieving maximum profitability. ESE’s sophisticated, intuitive solutions will get the most out of your plant’s investment in process automation. Additionally, ESE offers support contracts which allow for continuous improvement and rapid response – at fixed prices.

ESE offers solutions in:

Production Visibility

Deliver maximum visibility in all areas of data collection, lot tracking and reporting


Whether distributed or virtualized, infrastructure is critical to maximizing your production uptime

ERP Connectivity

Increase ERP efficiencies by facilitating direct data exchanges between control system and ERP/MES system

MES “Lite” Functionality

Invigorate your production scheduling, product formulations, inventory control, material traceability, quality control, and material procurement

Production Visibility

ESE’s MIS solutions are tailored to specific users within a company allowing for access to real-time data specific only to their needs. And in the era of “big data” where virtualization takes many forms, ESE is capable of delivering production floor dashboards, web-based reports and automated email and SMS messaging that maximizes process efficiencies.

Data Collection

ESE offers thorough data collection methods for food & beverage analysis. As a Rockwell Automation Solution Partner, ESE matches your application to the best solution. Data can be collected for long-term analysis and integrated into familiar SCADA formats.


ESE reporting solutions are flexible, thorough, secure and compliant. They offer the ability to recall and review information for historical and predictive trending. You can also catalog critical events such as alarms, recipe changes, login deviations, alterations and maintenance requirements.

Lot Tracking

ESE lot tracking systems assist with the recall process. Our solutions provide full traceability of raw materials, including those that are commingled. Traceability information is integrated into easily accessible and user-friendly formats.

Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP Connectivity

ESE understands how to get the most out of your ERP system. Our solutions will help you “close the gap” between the process control system (the brawn) and your ERP/MES system (the brains). Solutions in this area can take many forms in many critical areas of production, from batching systems to quality to inventory and everything in between.


MES Lite

ERP systems can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to implement. But there are many food & beverage companies without existing, large-scale ERP systems that are still in need of specific ERP functionality. For these situations, ESE provides tailored, stand-alone ERP/MES “Lite” solutions that deliver the perfect blend of value and performance.



Virtualized Systems

Infrastructure is critical. For production systems, it need to be hardened, it needs to be smart, and it needs to be economical. Leveraging virtualization allows you maximum uptime, ease of maintenance, unlimited expandability, and efficient deployment of systems throughout your facility. ESE’s experts can tailor a solution that is just the right fit and balance for your organization.

Distributed Systems

Gone are the days of stand-alone, isolated systems. Plant-wide Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems allow you complete door-to-door control and visibility of your operation. Plant-wide alarms, control, and process data are visible from anywhere, which is especially useful in today’s mobile world.

Additional MIS Solutions


Replace the outmoded circular chart recorder with reliable PMO Electronic Recordkeeping from ESE. ESE’s PMO solution accurately captures temperature requirements and events, and provides full compliance with USDA requirements for electronic data collection, storage, and reporting.


We live in a connected world – one where nearly every automation device is capable of providing a stream of useful information. The challenge is filtering and adding context to this massive quantity of information so it can be used to make decisions. ESE’s experts will interview each role within your organization, and will tailor a solution that provides exactly the information required.


Information is more accessible than ever, but that’s just the first step. Common network technologies and ever-expanding capabilities of modern-day controls hardware means that interfacing systems is easier than ever before. It is possible for production equipment and the control system to become an extension of your business system. Immediate access to incoming orders, product formulations, inventory, and production schedules allows your control system to be more responsive than ever.

“We have come to rely on ESE. They use simple code which is easy to troubleshoot and they go over the code with us so we understand.”

Maintenance Engineer, Global Food Ingredient Company

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