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Our automation equation really is that simple.

For more than three decades, ESE’s team of process controls engineers, designers, programmers and support personnel has specialized in helping food & beverage plants become fully automated. We provide high-end process engineering automation and control integration in all areas of food & beverage production, from receiving raw ingredients to sending products to packaging.

As a result, our customers achieve optimized productivity, reduced expenses and increased profits. And because we pledge to exceed industry expectations with our high level of customer support and unmatched responsiveness, today’s food & beverage manufacturers trust ESE experts will maximize their ROI now, and well into the future.

If additional support is needed you can sign up for a cost-effective support contract. These allow for continuous improvement and quick response.

Automation Processes


ESE has taken in-line blending processes from standard ratio control to digital blending. This allows multiple ingredients to be blended in-line and within specification to ensure food product standardization. Our error correction algorithms help you quickly achieve the desired product and can be applied to short continuous run applications.



ESE offers recipe-based batch process engineering systems with storage capability at the processor, HMI terminal or SQL database. Configurable systems offer plants full flexibility based on equipment profiles or phases, so program modifications aren’t required to facilitate a parameter change. We also offer unique batch reporting capabilities that document the recipe batch parameters in conjunction with the actual batch parameters.



ESE provides process automation solutions for a host of different systems, including: receiving and storage, pasteurization, product standardization, fermentation, filtration, evaporator, and dryer. Our trained engineers help ensure minimal downtime for system operations, repairs and emergencies and are familiar with numerous industry and equipment types.


CIP Process

ESE provides solutions for both CIP (clean in place) and SIP (sterilization in place). We understand the best way to work with pipes, vessels, tanks, equipment and associated fittings, without disassembling the process. Our expertise helps maintain the quality and safety of your products by ensuring the thorough removal of residue, rinsing effectively, shortening cycle times and promoting both product and worker safety. This leads to faster production and reduced operating costs. One such example is our configurable CIP system which can be applied to many unique applications.

Retrofits & Utilities Integration

ESE provides fast, efficient process retrofits to minimize downtime. We don’t take shortcuts that compromise quality or performance. ESE can also work utilities integration into the automation strategy to streamline data collection and reporting. This data allows plants to minimize power, water and waste water. Additionally, ESE can provide power monitoring and power correction capabilities.

“ESE brings tremendous value. They’re great at automating a line.”

Maintenance Manager, Dried Fruit Packer

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