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Thoughts on the 2018 Packaging Expo

on November 6, 2018

Several of ESE’s employee-owners had the opportunity to attend the Packaging Expo in Chicago this year. We caught up with Craig, Adam and Cory and asked them to share a few thoughts about the show. After walking the trade show floor and speaking with attendees, they commented on a few trends:

Attendees at the 2018 Packaging Expo“Buzzwords that many companies were using included: IoT, turnkey solutions, solution provider, remote capabilities and visualization. And while not a new trend, ‘solution provider’ was the most popular phrase.”

“For those who showcased packaging materials, ethnic food packaging was used rather than something like a bag of M&M’s. Ethnic food is a big trend and one that we’ve also been seeing in our business.”

“Related to the ethnic foods, we saw multiple packaging products that allowed food, spices, etc., all to be in individually sealed compartments. This is for convenience and allergen control.”

“This was the first show we saw cannabis-related packaging. The changing laws are having an impact on the food & beverage industry and this will probably continue to be a trend.”

“We live in a world economy and an example at this show was the number of companies from the Chinese market. They brought some unique booth structures that made them stand out a bit.”

There remains great value in attending events like Packaging Expo. Face-to-face conversations and the chance to see how the industry promotes itself is information ESE uses to help serve our customers.

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